and Casual “Sing a Long”

Class is for All Ages: Kids, Adults and the Entire Family!
Learn the Language of Music ● Fundamentals of Music
And the Ability to Play, Perform and Create Music

Playing music regularly is one of the most beneficial, healthiest lifestyle habits known to mankind.

Music makes you smarter ☺ It makes you laugh☺ It makes everyone feel good
Learn to play your favorite classic pop songs, folk songs, children’s songs,
acoustic rock, Disney songs and much more…

Anyone Can Play Music ● Easy & Fun
No Musical Experience or Skills Needed

Pick the Ukulele or Guitar and enjoy the easiest way to bring music into your life

$ 99 Per Month

(No long-term contracts or commitment)
Music Elevates the Mind☺Ignites the Imagination☺and Lets the Spirit Soar!
October 11, 2017